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Our Services

  • Is your body trying to tell you something?

    1 hr

    75 British pounds
  • Heaven via your feet...

    50 min

    50 British pounds
  • Gentle, relaxing, healing...

    50 min

    50 British pounds

Food Intolerance and Vitamin Deficiency Testing, Reiki Healing, Massage, Reflexology and more! PLEASE NOTE - Certain services are only available within a 15 mile radius of Warrington, Cheshire!

What is Mia Tempo?

Quite simply..."My Time"!

My name is John, and I'm the founder of Mia Tempo*! Mia Tempo means "my time" in Italian, and all of the services I offer are designed to help you take some time for yourself. That could mean taking some time to heal, to learn, to relax or to recharge. Taking time for ourselves has never been more difficult, or more important. It's how we become the best version of ourselves! I've learned the importance of taking time for self, and now it's my gift to help you enjoy a bit of much needed "mia tempo"!

*I'm in love with Italy, hence the name, plus my cat is called Mia!


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