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The story of Mia Tempo

The Road to a Better You

Mia Tempo was founded in 2022 in Warrington, UK, by me, John Lewis.

Over the years I suffered from anxiety, depression, bowel and digestive issues, chronic fatigue, sickness... the list goes on. I tried all kinds of diets and tapped into lots of different therapeutic practices, to varying degrees of success.

Reiki and Massage brought me the most peace and relaxation. We often can't change the stresses of modern living - it's about finding ways to cope with our busy lives. These practices became key coping strategies for me, which complimented my psychotherapeutic journey beautifully.

After years of struggling with gastro-intestinal problems and trying different diets, in 2015 I booked a food intolerance test. And everything became clear! The test indicated intolerances to lactose, sulphites (most commonly found in red wine - which I love a drop of!), tomatoes and Monosodium Glutamate. I ate a lot of Italian food, which is often tomato or dairy based, and my favourite takeaway treat is Chinese food - which often contains MSG. Of all the diets I had ever tried, none had stopped me drinking milk or eating tomatoes, and my 'treat day' favourite was a Chinese and glass of red wine. No wonder nothing had worked!

Following this revelation, I went on a 12-week detox, removing all lactose, tomatoes, sulphites and MSG from my diet. The results were astounding! The chronic gastro-intestinal pain subsided, my bowel movements improved, I had more energy, slept better... even my husband commented that I seemed like a different person! I hadn't realised the other effects my intolerances had - low energy and chronic pain often bring low mood, weight gain, low confidence... so much of my physical and mental health improved because I finally learned what my body did - and didn't - need. 


The things that helped me the most were the services I now offer - I was inspired by my own journey to help others experience the kind of relief that I have found - relief that has truly changed my life! Over the last 5 years I have trained with incredible teachers and am proud to be fully qualified in Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Food Intolerance and Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency Testing, and a Reiki Master. These practices have truly changed my life, and it is my passion and purpose to share these gifts with others in the hope that it may lead them to the peace, comfort and happiness that I have now found!

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